We stock Dapper Dan and Fresh Heads 💈

Thank you for choosing to book an appointment at Todd's Barbers using our online booking system. 

We are a family friendly Barber salon situated in Newton Hall, 3 miles from Durham City and less than 1 mile from the Arnison Centre. We are exclusively appointment only, all appointments are made and cancelled online which is quick and easy to do. 

All customers should arrive at their appointment with clean, freshly washed, product free hair, including children. We always have had a clean and hygienic salon since day one and welcome everyone who comes in.

Please book a restyle in if your hair is overgrown or in bad shape from being unable to have it professionally cut so that I have extra time to make it perfect.

Thank you again for booking, we look forward to seeing you 😊

- About me -

Steph (senior Barber)

Delivering the best haircuts in Durham to the best customers 😊 

Love my job ❤️

Todd's Barber Shop, Durham

48 Canterbury Road

Newton Hall




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